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Luxury Travel Insider

Jun 29, 2022

Our guest today is Malik Fernando, Founder and Managing Director of Resplendent Ceylon, a collection of luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

It’s hard to even call Malik’s properties hotels. They’re more like beautiful places to rest your head wrapped into a full on experience of living life and diving into Sri...

Jun 8, 2022

Today we’re diving into the world of Auberge Resorts with CEO Craig Reid. Whether you are skiing in Aspen, horseback riding in Costa Rica, or harvesting mushrooms with the chef before dinner - Auberge delivers an experience based kind of luxury that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Craig had a long career at some of...

Jun 1, 2022

Today we’re diving into the paradox that is the country of Israel. In such a small nation you can be surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, holy men and women from multiple faiths, geopolitical conflict, world class nightlife, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea AND the Mediterranean Sea. 

To try to unravel some of...