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Luxury Travel Insider

Dec 16, 2020

Our guest today is my friend Hytham Atwan, owner and CEO of Nubia Tours in Egypt.

Egypt is certainly not a destination that needs an introduction, but if you haven’t thought much about it - I want you to know that it’s more than the pyramids of Giza and getting your Insta photo air kissing the sphinx. It’s a complicated country - where to see it RIGHT, you need to have relationships on your side. Otherwise you’ll miss that dinner in the home of a local and access to otherwise “roped off” areas of the pyramids, or find yourself on a crowded Nile cruise being herded around vs a private experience.

Hytham and I discuss some tidbits on insider experiences you can have in Egypt, why it’s such an important destination, some Celebrity guests Hytham has entertained, and how the country is a microcosm of our wider world.

See show notes, photos, and listener perks HERE.

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