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Luxury Travel Insider

Jul 27, 2022

Our guest today is Michael Ungerer, the CEO of Explora Journeys, one of the best known travel companies that has yet to formally launch! 

If you haven’t heard of Explora yet, you soon will. They are pioneering a new niche in ocean going travel, so much so that they don’t actually refer to it as cruising. The family owned company has started from scratch, learning from tens of thousands of next generation luxury travelers what they might want in a mega-yacht experience. 

Explora Journeys launches in 2023 with Explora I, where you can expect a focus on health and wellness, truly immersive experiences, anchoring near off the beaten path destinations, and the largest suites in the industry. 

Michael talks to us about the vision for the company, some fun tidbits of what it’s been like to grow a new luxury brand during Covid, and a few insider hints at what to expect next.


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