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Luxury Travel Insider

Dec 23, 2020

Our guest today is Michael Mesdag, owner of Galapagos Safari Camp.

Michael and his wife, Stephanie Bonam Carter bought the land on a whim almost 20 years ago, and set out to create a luxury experience that still maintains the raw beauty of the Galapagos. With just 9 gorgeous tents and a comfortable lodge - this is THE place to unwind and connect with nature.

If you’re lucky enough to experience this magical setting, you’ll spend your days hiking, exploring, and snorkeling. You’ll come literally face to face with sea lions, giant tortoises, cormorants, and blue footed boobies. Then after it all, you’ll head back to camp, soak in the pool overlooking the national park, and enjoy some of the friendliest service and best food in the country.

Michael and I discuss the great lengths they’ve taken to ensure sustainability, the emotions you’ll feel when you can see evolution with your own eyes, and some interesting tidbits on chocolate, guiding, and the local community. 

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