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Luxury Travel Insider

Feb 22, 2023

We’re shaking it up today with a panel of local experts from Japan! Together we’ll explore the bustling capital of Tokyo, learn about Shugendo and the Yamabushi monks, and dive deep into the cuisine of this fascinating country. 

Our guests today are:

Wataru Takahashi, CEO of Wondertrunk, our partner in the region. Marc Matsumoto, an author, TV Personality, and Japanese cuisine expert, and Takeharu Kato, a Yamabushi Monk who is dedicated to promoting his culture in a way that can help people around the world. 

What I love about this episode is hearing each of these experts speak about their passions and seeing how similar threads in Japanese culture continue to arise. Whether it be patience and expertise in all arenas, or a focus on beauty, or a simple mantra to stay in the present - it’s a portrait that will certainly make you want to uncover all that is Japan. 


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