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Luxury Travel Insider

Sep 6, 2023

Today we’re headed a bit off the beaten path, to Southeast Asia, and visiting the country of Lao. Lao or Laos means Land of a Million Elephants which is a symbol for prosperity - but the main draw to the country is the warm hospitality of its people. 

Whether you’re visiting to see spectacular waterfalls and jungle scenery, learn about the history of this melting pot country, or simply immerse into the authentic culture - Lao is a place that captures hearts. 

My guests today are Tara Gujadhur who runs the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Lao, Rachel O’Shea who founded the Laos Buffalo Dairy, and JB Richards our partner in the region and expert in all things Southeast Asia. 

We chat about everything from the importance of preserving traditional crafts, to the process of making cheese from buffalo milk, to amazing experiences you can have getting to know the locals.

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