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Luxury Travel Insider

Nov 17, 2021

I’m so excited today to be speaking with travel lover and true renaissance man - Bill Bensley. If you haven’t heard of Bill, you’ve CERTAINLY heard of some of the hotels he’s designed. World renowned projects like Capella Ubud, Four Seasons Tented Camp, Shinta Mani and more.

Before any of these were notable on the world’s stage, before any of them were even built - Bill was there. Soaking in the curve of the land, the angle at which the moon shines, and the direction from which the wind blows. He takes his inspiration and genius from the natural world, melds his ideas with a story or fairy tale, and creates hotels that are the stuff of dreams.

Bill and I chat about some of his favorite destinations, the heart and soul that goes into designing a hotel, his tips for mastering a new passion, and much much more.


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