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Luxury Travel Insider

Feb 26, 2021

Our guest is Dave Guenther, Founder & President of Roadtrips - my go to partner when planning luxury travel centered around sporting events.

Dave’s 30 years in business gives him insider access to events like the Olympics, the World Cup, Formula 1 Races, The Masters, The Superbowl, The Kentucky Derby and more. Whatever your sport is, Dave & I can work together to get tickets before they go on sale, secure the best rooms in the most coveted hotels, and get you insider access to the VIP parties.

Dave & I discuss how luxury sports travel is so much more than just visiting a stadium, the serendipitous experiences you can have at these world class events, and how the world of sports brings people together in a way that politics never could.

See photos, show notes, and listener perks HERE.

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