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Luxury Travel Insider

Jan 10, 2024

Today we’re peeking into the world of survival travel - taking trips to learn important survival skills and putting them into practice in a real life setting. If you’ve ever been curious about truly getting back to nature,  this episode is for you! 

My guests today are my friends Tom Williams and Roman Chiporukha. Tom started an experience company called Desert Island Survival and was the recent winner of the hit survival reality show, Alone UK. Roman has been a past guest of the show and works with clients to provide city focused survival experiences. 

We discuss everything from the various survival skills, to the best foods to eat in the wild, to where to go to learn these types of skills. But perhaps the most important conversation was about how getting back to nature in this way provides a gratitude reset, allowing you to be more excited about and thankful for the things you do have in your life. 

We started out chatting about survival, but end up having a deeper conversation about life, gratitude, and meaning.



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