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Luxury Travel Insider

May 1, 2024

Today we’re visiting a country that I think is truly under-appreciated. A tropical paradise dotted with volcanoes, this destination is easy to get to and boasts amazing wildlife, interesting culture, and lots of active adventures. 

Joining me to chat all things Nicaragua are three experts in the region. Clark Kotula, who studied Nicaraguan politics and history and is also my partner in the region; Vera Bonilla from Rancho Santana on the Pacific Coast, and Adriana Beer from Yemaya Reefs on Little Corn Island in the Caribbean. 

The four of us chat in depth about our love for this country, dispel some myths about the safety of visiting, and dive deep into the culture and amazing experiences like sandboarding, surfing, and climbing volcanoes. 

I hope you enjoy this interesting episode of Luxury Travel Insider. 

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