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Jul 30, 2021

With Canada re-opening its borders soon to tourism, I’m excited to welcome our first Canadian guest on the show. We’re headed into the countryside of Quebec today to chat with Jason Stafford of Manoir Hovey, one of the top hotels in all of Canada.

Though it’s set in French Canada, Manoir Hovey was actually designed after George Washington’s estate by a businessman from Georgia in the year 1900.

In wondering how this could be, I unraveled the fascinating history of the town of North Hatley, where British Loyalists fled to after 1776 and were followed by Southern land owners after the Civil War. This influx of 17th and 18th century Americans mixing with the local French population has created a melting pot experience unique in this world.

Jason and I chat on everything from Montreal Bagels, to haunted grandfather clocks, to 5 star service and locally sourced food.


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