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Luxury Travel Insider

Dec 14, 2022

Today we’re chatting about one of my favorite countries for active travelers, Iceland! While luxury in other countries may mean five star hotels and spas, true luxury in this corner of the world looks more like private guides inviting you into their homes, having parts of the other-worldly landscape all to yourself, horseback riding to a private picnic near a waterfall, or helicoptering up to hike on a glacier.

Our guest today is Erling Aspelund, Owner of Iceland Encounter. After many years working in the corporate world in the US, Erling and his family traveled home to pursue their passion for travel and design a better Icelandic travel experience. Today Iceland Encounter is probably the top luxury travel company in Iceland. Erling and I discuss secret hikes, the fabulous landscapes and wow moments he’s created for travelers. We also touch on how the Icelandic culture lends itself to working together, and how that will help the country recover quickly post-Covid.

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