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May 14, 2021

There’s a saying in Russian… Better to have 100 friends than 100 rubles. And until I spoke with today’s guest - I didn’t truly understand the depth of meaning in that statement.

Here to discuss the country of Russia with me is Greg Tepper. Greg has spent the last 30 years opening the eyes of visitors to one of Russia’s best kept secrets - the warmth of the Russian people once you’re part of their inner circle. Greg explains how the typical stereotypes of Russians are only surface level, and how, with the right connections - you can dig deeper.

You might be expecting scenes of the Red Square, Summer Palaces, the Russian Imperial Family, and Faberge Eggs when planning a trip to Russia - but it’s meeting actual Russians that will help you to understand the world, and yourself just a little bit better. And insider tip - you can’t do that without an expert at your side.

Greg and I discuss everything from the Trans Siberian Railway to how to chase your vodka; from ultra exclusive experiences to Russian comfort food.

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