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Luxury Travel Insider

Nov 4, 2020

Today’s guest is Stefano Barbini, owner of San Lorenzo lodges in Italy - White Deer in the Dolomites, Holy Deer in Rome, and Blue Deer which is actually a custom built, luxury catamaran that Stefano likes to call his “sea lodge.”

If you like authentic travel, San Lorenzo lodges are the stuff of your dreams. White Deer is a 16th century hunting lodge, previously owned by a Bishop, that the Barbini family reclaimed. Holy Deer is an expansive apartment in Piazza Novona - which was once inhabited by a Pope and his mistress.

Stefano himself had a 25 year career in fashion, and was the CEO of Escada in Italy and France. His wife, and co-owner Georgia comes from a well known fashion family in Italy as well. Leaving fashion to start anew in hospitality - they knew they wanted to do something differently. 

Stefano and I discuss how he and Georgia found these incredible jewels, how they play host to their guests personally, and the secrets to discovering the heart of Italy.

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