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Luxury Travel Insider

Apr 30, 2021

Today we’re diving deep into the history, culture, and passion that make Sonoma County, California such a special place.

While known for being the birthplace of Californian wine, Sonoma has so much more to offer. From beautifully wild coastlines and Redwood Forest groves to some of the freshest produce, oysters, and creameries found anywhere in the world.

We have two guests today, Paul Sloan - owner of Smallvines Wines and Joe Bartolomei - owner of Farmhouse Inn - a family run, luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the Russian River Valley.

Both Joe and Paul’s families have been farming the land in Sonoma for multiple generations. We discuss everything from wine making and Michelin stars, to whale watching and weddings. Though Joe and Paul won’t say it - It’s worth pointing out that family ties and deep roots shape the experience in Sonoma vs the more corporate experiences you’ll find with their neighbors over in Napa. 

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