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Luxury Travel Insider

Apr 6, 2022

Imagine looking up at a blanket of stars, the sound of the ocean lapping, and the smell of sea air mixed with sweet pine. Then picture another scene - crowds squealing with excitement, bulls rushing by, and a cup of sangria refreshing your soul. 

Today we’re discussing the country of Spain - a place so diverse it may as well be a hundred different destinations in one! Whether you’re here to focus on world class gastronomy, experience local festivals, or just relax in the sun, this dynamic country has it all. 

Our guest today is Elena Florez, our partner and Spanish luxury travel expert. Elena explains for us how Spain became such a melting pot of cultures, how that’s affected the country today, and describes some fabulous destinations and experiences. 

Make up a plate of jamon and manchego, and enjoy this fun chat with Elena Florez. 

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