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Luxury Travel Insider

Mar 23, 2022

Today we’re talking about a particular type of travel that is gaining popularity around the world - villa rentals. 

In the past this kind of travel was reserved for the uber wealthy and very well connected. Finding amazing villas in Italy or San Tropez was a nightmare, and imagine renting something so expensive sight unseen or with one photo sent you  in black and white and via fax machine! 

Then came the advent of home rental websites which have really opened up this type of travel to the every day person… but for our luxury travelers, these options that have not been vetted by a professional are often not suitable. 

Enter the world of vetted villa rentals. I spend a lot of time working with partners who personally inspect villas around the world so we can provide them to our clients. I wanted to bring on one of those experts to talk through what makes this kind of travel special. 

Laura Blair founded In Villas Veritas before the rise of online home rentals and shares lots of insider tidbits with us. 

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