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Luxury Travel Insider

May 21, 2021

In this special episode, we’re diving deep into a lesser known region of Portugal, The Alentejo. Here to discuss this hidden gem with me are hoteliers José António Uva and Gonçalo Pessoa.

José was an investment banker in London before returning home to cultivate land that had been in his family for eight generations. He ended up turning part of the farm into Barrocal, a gorgeous modern farm house hotel smack in the middle cork plantations, white washed villages, and two thousand year old olive trees.

Gonçalo was actually an airline pilot, staying in hotels around the world when he decided he wanted to build something special in the coastal area of Alentejo and brought the boho chic vision of his hotel, Sublime Comporta, to life.

We discuss the unique culture of the region, the fantastic food, and the special things you can create when shifting from a short term to a long term mindset.

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