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Luxury Travel Insider

Jun 18, 2021

I’m excited to welcome our guest today, Vincent Billiard, the General Manager of the fabulous Rosewood Hotel de Crillon in the beating heart of Paris. 

With it’s official designation as a Palace Hotel - a marker of the finest service and luxury anywhere in the city, you’d think Hotel de Crillion could err on the extremely traditional side. 

But it doesn’t. It has all the trappings of 5* service, along with an incredible history, contemporary design, and a sense of warmth designed to bring you in, and lull you into a Parisian state of mind. 

The hotel has hosted the likes of Marie Antoinette, Neil Armstrong, Karl Lagerfeld, Woodrow Wilson, and Queen Elizabeth. While you sip your champagne, overlooking the twinkling Eiffel Tower - you can feel that you’re in the company of greatness. 

Vincent and I discuss how Paris has evolved during the pandemic, how to find hidden gems in the city, and special details about the hotel. 

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