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Luxury Travel Insider

Jan 19, 2022

My guest today is Audeline Witjaksono, the Regional Director for several Aman hotels in Asia, as well as GM of Amanpulo in the Philippines.

Just speaking with Audeline and soaking up the vibes from her location calmed me and brought my always on the go energy down a couple notches… so imagine actually being there! Amanpulo is set on a far flung private island, nestled in the western part of the Philippines, yet it is surprisingly easy to get to from Manilla. And while you’d expect (and get!) powder fine sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and warm ocean breezes… you’ll also experience a deep sense of place, Filipino hospitality, adventure sports, wildlife, and more.

Audeline and I chat about kite boarding, the culture of the Philippines, respecting nature, and of course the world class Aman service.


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