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Luxury Travel Insider

Mar 26, 2021

My guest today is Dietmar Mueller-Elmau, the third generation owner of famed retreat in southern Germany, Schloss Elmau.

The property is set at the foothills of an unimaginably beautiful stretch of the Bavarian Alps, where you can hike, bike, swim, visit castles, and enjoy the spectacular views. Then you can relax in one of the 6 world-class spas and dine in a Michelin star restaurant.

But these trappings of typical 5* hotels are not what defines Schloss Elmau. We talk a lot about contradiction in this episode but after reflecting on what Dietmar says, I think the place is more about intense individuality. Each visitor experiences Elmau in a different way.

For intellectuals coming to meet others in lively discussion the property boasts the biggest hotel bookstore in the world, for music lovers, Elmau is the 2nd largest promoter of classical music in Germany and hosts almost 200 concerts per year. And families, outdoor enthusiasts, spa lovers, couples - Dietmar has made it possible for you to create your own experience as well.

We discuss everything from Angela Merkel to fine dining, German-Jewish relations to the ideal pool temperature, and from WWII history to the architecture of King Ludwig II.

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