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Luxury Travel Insider

May 11, 2022

My guest today is Tom Rutherford, the Regional Director for three gorgeous Aman hotels in Southeast Asia - Amansara in Cambodia, Amantaka in Laos, and Amanoi in Vietnam. 

When you head to this region of the world, especially away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities… time just seems to slow down. Here there is enough time for the Laotian farmer to tend to the animals, the crops, break bread with his neighbors, and honor his family. There’s enough space on the beaches of Vietnam to quiet your mind, and enough grounding history in Cambodia to inspire you to get back to your purpose for being. 

Combine this atmosphere with the Aman ethos for wellness, beautiful architecture, and some of the best service in the world and you’ll understand why guests come back to these gems over and over. 

Tom and I chat about all of this, plus why now is a phenomenal time to be visiting Southeast Asia. 


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