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Luxury Travel Insider

Sep 30, 2020

Jade McBride is the Managing Director of Ted Turner Reserves and GM of Vermejo Park Ranch.

Vermejo is set on 550,000 acres in Northern New Mexico on a spectacularly beautiful and diverse reserve. Here you can head out on adventures around property to go hiking, fly fishing, or see wildlife like bison, elk, and black bears. Then after it all, you can come back to the lodge, enjoy a world class dinner with a fine wine, and tell stories of your day around the fireplace. This is truly where adventure meets luxury.

Jade and I discuss the property of course, but also his interesting philosophies about the team and how he’s built a culture at Vermejo - and how that inevitably affects your experience. We also talk about Ted Turner’s love for conservation, some wow experiences, and other cool insider tips.

See show notes, photos, and listener perks HERE.

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