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Luxury Travel Insider

Dec 27, 2023

This week we’re up to something a little different. I invited three of my travel industry friends to join me in conversation about some of our favorite hotels of the year, some of our biggest travel pet peeves, and some of the lessons we hope our followers, clients, and guests will take home with them from their next trips. 

Joining me today are Wendy Blandon, Hao Tang, and Simon Jones. All four of us are professional travelers, spending up to one third of the year out of the country. It’s also our jobs to be a little extra snobby as we evaluate destinations, experiences, and hotels for you. 

In this unfiltered conversation you’ll hear our insider thoughts on everything from hotel amenities, to the best airport lounges, to butler service. 

Before we dive in, I truly want to thank you for being a part of our community, for listening, for sending me your feedback, for working with Bell & Bly Travel for your luxury travel needs, and for letting me and our guests inspire you to travel the world. It is truly my honor. 

Please enjoy this last episode of the year and I look forward to many more fun chats in 2024!

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