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Luxury Travel Insider

Nov 10, 2021

We’re taking you on a journey today to the inspirational country of Rwanda. While not often first on the list of most travelers, those who make it here are absolutely captivated by the people, who have rebuilt their lives and their country so authentically. 

After a warm welcome, visitors to this nook of Africa will then be further blown away by likely the most impactful wildlife experience of their lives - sitting face to face with an endangered Mountain Gorilla. 

And, luckily for these travelers, they can do it in style at One & Only’s two gorgeous properties - Gorilla’s Nest and Nyungwe House. 

Today we have two very special guests, Craig Storkey who runs One & Only Rwanda, and Propser Uwingeli who is the Chief Park Warden of Volcanos National Park. 

Prosper and Craig both share their love of Rwanda, how and why conservation is thriving in the country, and some incredible experiences with the amazing Great Apes. 

I hope you enjoy this magical episode of Luxury Travel Insider. 


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